Columbia Residential has a market focus that encompasses a broad range of building and community types spanning the gamut of multifamily and community oriented development.

Senior Housing Development Senior Housing Development
Housing for low-to-moderate income senior residents is a growing need in our nation’s communities. High quality, senior independent living with unique amenities and services is a cornerstone of the Columbia portfolio. Currently there are eighteen (18) such senior communities located in master planned communities or infill settings, and near transit and services, comprising more than 25% of our portfolio. We are deeply committed to building high quality, high service living communities that honor our senior residents.
Mixed-income Housing Mixed-income Housing
We have emerged as a nationally recognized developer of award-winning mixed-income communities. Columbia Residential recognizes that poverty concentration is a failed strategy and that mixed-income is the best housing option for communities.
Holistic Community Revitalization Holistic Community Revitalization
We actively seek development opportunities with partners to transform neighborhoods through a holistic approach that, in addition to great mixed-income housing, includes transformational educational opportunities, accessible community services, and health and recreational opportunities. Creating great neighborhoods takes more than housing and we seek partnerships and opportunities that incorporate whole community development.
Sustainable Development Sustainable Development
Our Green Living video shows our commitment to environmental stewardship. Columbia Residential has been on the industry forefront, incorporating innovative design, green construction methods and materials, and cutting-edge technology into our developments. This ensures reduced environmental impact and maximum quality and energy efficiency and for our residents. View a list of our communities that have been certified according to strict EarthCraft® and LEED® standards.
Infill Development Infill Development
Columbia Residential’s roots are in urban infill development and redevelopment. We have long standing relationships with architectural firms that specialize in conceptualizing and remaking great places within existing communities. Infill developments are designed to take advantage of existing neighborhood features and connectivity and to enhance the look, feel, and value of the surrounding neighborhood with their architectural character and professional, on-site management and maintenance.
High-rise Redevelopment High-rise Redevelopment
Columbia Residential has a growing expertise in high-rise redevelopments. We welcome the challenge of re-envisioning spaces and uses that allow for the continued and enhanced lives of valuable, well-located existing structures and high-rise housing assets. Our high-rise redevelopments utilize an array of financing, renovation techniques, and historic recognition to give these important structures new life.
Transit-oriented Development Transit-oriented Development
We believe that locating affordable and mixed-income housing within walking distance of mass transit is vital to improving residents’ lives through connectivity to jobs, education, and services. We pursue transit-oriented development opportunities to increase urban connectivity and mobility and create greater long-term value. Columbia views transit-oriented developments as a way of building economical, environmentally conscientious, interconnected communities of the future. Columbia Residential is a leading developer of transit-oriented development and housing in Atlanta, in partnership with MARTA and surrounding communities.