Columbia Residential takes pride in creating homes and planning neighborhoods that act as the foundation for creating communities that change lives. We do this by anchoring a sense of place in every community that we build. The result is that our developments are uniquely influenced by their surroundings in aspects ranging from architectural aesthetics to connectivity and urban planning. We accomplish this through a tried and true process that includes community partnerships, master planning, and community involvement beginning with the earliest stages of development.

Listen Listen
Listen to our partners, customers, stakeholders, and the market through review, planning, and communication efforts. Conduct neighborhood and resident meetings, interviews, and eventual charrette and master planning processes that combine this input with industry-leading design firms to create actionable design.
Learn Learn
Understand needs and demands of the community, stakeholders, and the marketplace. Continually advance and improve community and home design through base of experience. Summarize the goals, objectives, and vision.
Advise Advise
Identify development opportunities and options. Remove barriers to development. Complete and obtain funding and partnerships to see results.
Accomplish Accomplish
Execute the process and vision. Honor commitments we make to the highest standards. Exceed expectations of our customers, partners, and communities.
Accomplish Sustain
Sustain a healthy community and residents through continued reinvestment and resident-focused customer service. Properties are built to sustain and enhance neighborhoods over time and are managed to maintain high standards.