Affordable Housing Developers Discuss the “Poor Door’ Controversy

Political and media reaction to a controversial plan for a “poor door” at a New York City development has been swift and loud.

The proposal to have one entrance for low-income residents living in the property’s affordable apartments and a separate entrance for those living in the building’s luxury condominiums isn’t breaking any rules, but it is striking a nerve. The two-door plan has prompted calls to change city housing policies and shined a light on income inequality.

Affordable Housing Finance asked several leading developers to add their perspective to the discussion. They have focused on developing and operating affordable housing but have built notable mixed-income properties as well.

The Community Builders (TCB), a national nonprofit, has developed mixed-income properties ranging widely from 15 percent to 70 percent market-rate. That shows there’s no one formula for developing a mixed-income building.

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Source Affordable Housing Finance

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