Columbia Residential Housing Development Built to Sustainability Ratings (LEED)

Columbia Residential has been a leader in our markets at developing high quality affordable and mixed-income housing and applying sustainable and energy-efficient building practices. Starting with applying Energy Star ratings over ten years ago, the building certifications have improved to EarthCraft standards and most recently LEED standards. Our design team also has extensive experience with designing to LEED and other sustainability standards.

Columbia Residential has built and is currently building eight (8) of its most recent ten (10) projects to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Gold and Silver certifications. The other projects are being built to EarthCraft Multi-Family sustainable building certification (SouthFace – EarthCraft) which is comparable to LEED. A list of projects built to LEED standards includes:

Developments Completed and Certified:

  • Columbia Parc – Phase I, New Orleans, LA 466 units LEED Silver (a)
  • Columbia Parc – Phase IIA – New Orleans, LA 49 units LEED Silver (b)
  • Edgewood Townhomes Phase I – Atlanta, GA 100 units LEED Gold
  • Parkside at Mechanicsville – Atlanta, GA 156 units LEED Silver
  • (a) LEED Silver certification obtained in May 2011 – on all 73 buildings; the largest single LEED development in Louisiana
  • (b) LEED Silver certification obtained in January 2012
  • (c) LEED Silver certification obtained – June 2012
  • (d) LEED Gold certification obtained – September 2012

Developments Under Construction – Certifications Pending :

  • Columbia Parc – Phase IIB – New Orleans, LA 48 units LEED Silver
  • Columbia Parc Senior– Ph. III – New Orleans, LA 120 units LEED Gold
  • Edgewood Townhomes Phase II – Atlanta, GA 40 units LEED Silver
  • Baker Village Seniors – Ph III – Columbus, GA 120 units EarthCraft Multi-family
  • Columbia Mill Redevelopment – Atlanta, GA 100 units EarthCraft Multi-family
  • Imperial Hotel Redevelopment – Atlanta, GA 90 units LEED Gold

The prior track record of the development partner and design team in designing, constructing, and achieving LEED certifications after all testing and documentation, is the best indicator of the ability to successfully partner with the Charlotte Housing Authority and other development partners to develop a sustainable mixed-income developments in the Hall House site.

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