Senior Project Manager Betty Gomez and Columbia Residential team

Meet Construction Senior Project Manager Betty Gomez

With nearly 20 years of experience at Columbia Residential, Construction Senior Project Manager Betty Gomez exemplifies the kind of professionalism and work ethic that drives Columbia Residential’s success in developing superior affordable housing communities throughout the Southeast.

During her tenure, Betty has helped to produce over 1,800 affordable housing units and is an expert in high-rise rehabs. She has worked on several notable communities throughout her career, including Arbor Pointe in Columbus, Georgia, Mechanicsville in Atlanta, and City Views at Rosa Burney Park in Atlanta.

According to the National Association of Women in Construction, women comprised only 10.9% of the U.S. construction workforce in 2022.

As a woman in the construction industry, Betty has worked hard to build her career and her reputation, and she believes that her tenacity has helped her achieve her professional goals. Her advice to young women entering the industry is: “You can’t gauge your self-esteem on others’ perception of what you can or can’t accomplish,” she explained. “When you’re confident in your abilities, that’s what will enable you to succeed.”

When asked whether she’s had any female mentors during her career, Betty said that Maureen Mercer, Executive Director of the Georgia Affordable Housing Coalition has been a source of inspiration. “She is beloved by the community for her ability to bring people together from different socioeconomic backgrounds,” Betty explained. “I’ve always admired her ability to do that.”

Betty also explained how the leadership team of Columbia Residential has motivated her to remain with the company for nearly two decades.

“Noel Khalil was a mentor to me as he was to so many. He set the bar high by wanting to invest more into projects than other developers typically would—even if it affected his own profits. He always kept his word and cultivated long-lasting relationships as a result of his integrity. It was a privilege to work with him. And the way Jim Grauley has brought us together as a family and moved us forward after Noel’s passing has been inspirational as well.”

When asked about her future with Columbia Residential, Senior Project Manager Betty Gomez emphasized that the people at Columbia Residential are what makes her job rewarding. “I’m surrounded by team members that are dedicated, talented, and motivated to get the job done. Why would I choose to work anywhere else?”

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